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Findexer - FTP Indexer used to list FTP-servers' contents and store listing in database (PostgreSQL), later user can query database through web-interface to search filenames by pattern. Findexer might be useful in local area networks with multiple ftp resources.

Its core written in C++, though web-interface in php. Findexer is using its own libhelper library for threads and sockets, but it also requires pcre (perl regexps) and pqxx (C++ library for PostgreSQL) libraries.

Now findexer using high-level* PE-search clustering engine (Parallel Execution). It stores parts of ftp-listings in different databases. This method should speedup search-queries.

* PostgreSQL does not have internal PE clustring support, that is why findexer must have its own implemented in higher level. Though, Findexers' PE-engine does not fit for purposes other than findexer itself.

What stopping you from using Findexer yet?

  • Currently Findexer have only russian language web-interface.

In action



You can download source code from SourceForge files page.


Please, send comments and suggestions (if any) to cbouATusersDOTsourceforgeDOTnet.